Snowy Owls

One of the most famous owls and one of my favorites is the arctic snowy owl. It is one of the biggest and the heaviest of all owl species and boasts a beautiful white color that makes it look almost magical flying silently at sunrise and sunset. During the winter they will travel down from the arctic to the northeast United States and Canada following the voles and other small mammal breeding patterns. Roughly every four years they have what is called an irruption, which is when the mass breeding of voles and lemmings drive them south to the beaches and marshlands that host their prey and look like their arctic tundra homes. Similar to the short eared owl they also nest on the ground on top of small mounds that give them some visibility around the area. They are often seen during the day relaxing on dunes or perches resting up for the next hunt and are another species of owl that is active during the day, especially during the summer months in the arctic.