The ruby throated hummingbird is one of the other reasons I first became interested in birds and photography. Their speed and agility is one of the most amazing factors that is quickly apparent but there are so many other things that draw attention to these small birds. They are able to fly upside down and backwards, have legs that are used exclusively for perching and hopping but not walking, fiercely defend their feeding area and nests from all sorts of other creatures (including blue jays, owls, songbirds, lizards, etc), and they constantly consume nectar from flowers to support their wings beating 53 times per second and heart beating 1260 beats per minute. With a long migration from as far as Mexico the northeast waits for their return every summer and many people hang feeders or plant trumpet flowers to enjoy a backyard display throughout the season. Shooting at 600mm allows me to stay still for long hours and allow myself to blend into the backdrop while shooting these pictures. The hummingbirds become so comfortable with my presence they even have landed on my head, my camera, tripod, and end of my lens!